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Covid-19 Policy & Waivers

To our valued clients,

What a year this has been, certainly one for the books… literally! We all knew the likelihood of Covid protocols and numbers ramping back up was inevitable so, unfortunately, here we are.

Although our property is large, and our traffic is limited in comparison to many companies/organizations… we are not exempt from abiding by Worksafe BC protocols, and government regulations/suggestions. We take our role in keeping our barn residents, staff, clients, and contractors safe within our facility seriously, and have re-implemented a few measures to do our best in response to the latest new Provincial guidelines.

Once again, we are asking for your understanding, support, and cooperation to keep Foxstone as safe as possible for all to enjoy confidently.

We ask and require that you adhere to the following guidelines during your time at the barn:

  • Most importantly: DO NOT come to the barn if you are not feeling well.
  • *NEW*: Masks, face shields, or face covers, are to be worn at all times by staff and clients UNLESS MOUNTED. Instructors will also be exempt from wearing masks while teaching as we are more than adequately socially distanced while in the arena.
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands, don your masks, and check in and out of our facility for contract tracing and traffic monitoring purposes. This also serves as a Self-Health Assessment.
  • Please continue to limit who comes with you to the barn. Parents, we regretfully ask that you stay in your heated vehicles or do some quick errands in town while your child rides.
  • Please continue to limit your time at the barn. Do your best to be efficient in your tasks and limit your footprint within the facility. Please respect the social distance of your peers and our staff regardless of your personal comfort level.
  • Please consider taking your riding gear home with you so that you can be fully dressed to ride before entering the facility. Grooming with your helmet on is safer anyhow (bonus!) and being dressed to ride helps avoid unnecessary lingering within common areas.
  • Grooming and tacking are once again to be done in your horse’s stall. There will be no use of the X-ties, in order to give our staff their own area to safely work from.
  • Wash stalls are available when needed, but please let management know your plans so they can be disinfected accordingly after each use.
  • Only the main barn washroom is available for use, the mares barn has been designated for our staff. There will be single-use hand towels and a bucket to dispose of them for your safety, and the washrooms will continue to be disinfected daily.
  • Lockers are allowed, and the doors to this heated area will remain closed. There will be a 2 person maximum in the Tack Room in efforts to limit the social and communal aspect of this area.
  • No mucking of your own stalls. Each staff member has their own designated equipment that is not available to the public, please respect their wishes.
  • Ship in lessons will continue, but regardless of weather, tacking and untacking need to be done in/at your trailer or in a designated stall.
  • Further to this, we are continuing to allow individuals from other communities to frequent the stables. Please note we have a broad client base travelling to us from various Health Regions. This is another reason we all need to be mindful of the precautions laid out to keep the facility, business, and everyone involved safe.

We are currently not requiring designated ride times. We intend to monitor facility traffic and upcoming provincial updates, and hope that no further measures will need to be taken. Our commitment is to keep our beloved horses happy and cared for, no matter the direction this high-risk season takes us.

We hope that these little modifications to your previous routine are adopted easily, and we would like to thank you once again for your compliance and understanding. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions are welcomed by myself or Lynne as always.

All the best, and our most sincere thanks.

Georgia Hunt

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