First Rate Training Services

Horses in training are provided with individual programs to promote their talents in either the Hunter or Jumper disciplines. Our horses are highly successful in horse shows through out the Pacific Northwest, California and Alberta “A” circuit. Horses compete in Baby Green Hunters through to Grand Prix Jumpers.

Odyssey Performance Trainer

Odyssey performance trainerThis outstanding feature to Foxstone Stable allows horses additional exercise that promotes fitness, stretching, soundness and relaxation. Horses can use this walker 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

This 70’ covered walker has undergone a huge update and now boasts beautiful rubber bricks as a uniform, non-slip, impact absorbing surface to walk on. The surface is maintained daily with raking and frequent watering with an automatic system. A computerized system allows your horse to walk and trot according to his needs both directions, with many safety features in place.

Winter use: for clipped horses the service includes blanket changes to wool coolers with rollers (allows full extension of the shoulders). All horses exercise with front brushing boots.

* There is an additional charge for this service.

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