Coaching Pilosophy

Georgia Hunt

At Foxstone Stable, we are committed to providing an enjoyable and educational environment for our athletes to thrive. As the Head Coach and owner of the business, I feel privileged to work with and learn from a variety of partnerships at various stages of the Long-Term Equestrian Development Model. Along with the pursuit of my own riding ambitions, I strive to help others progress to accomplish their goals with confidence, competence and clarity. We work to create specific training programs for all athletes—human and equine—to meet the individualized needs of each partnership.

My coaching philosophy is strongly centred around positively building strong foundations. We work to develop feel and competence by honing in on detail-oriented skill sets and exercises. Beyond this, I work to help my athletes understand WHY they are doing something so that they can understand how their actions impact their horse’s ability to perform. We routinely have detailed discussions about goals, analyze gaps in our current training plan, and use referent models to visualize where we are headed within each Phase of our Season. I am dedicated to encouraging a competitive and challenging program to promote growth and meet lofty goals while not losing sight of the bigger picture: FUN, mental health, safety, and horsemanship.

The training environment I strive to create is supportive, and educational with the ultimate goal of fostering an enthusiastic and positive growth mindset for my TEAM. I believe Equestrian sport is as much a mental game as it is physical, so our facility is run in an organized, well-maintained routine to promote happy horses and humans alike- a strong foundation to build upon and set our team up for success!

Throughout 2022, I have been working towards obtaining my EC High-Performance Coaching Certification in addition to my Level 2 license obtained in 2009 and my Level 1 in 2005. My main motivation behind enrolling in this program is to better myself through personal and professional development, diversify my knowledge through continued education and growth, and improve upon my ability to coach and develop top-level equestrian athletes. I believe we never stop learning and that not one single method is the only correct way to develop a successful partnership. This in itself is one of the beauties of our sport - there is not one single path for everyone to follow to achieve their own personal success.

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